Things to consider when buying Resin Artwork

Why Buy Resin Art?

Well, the first thing that probably attracts anyone to resin art is the glossy shine and depth that can be achieved as the end result of a resin artwork. Resin can be used to seal any kinds of painted/ photographed artwork. It helps bring out it's vibrancy and keeps it looking fresh and preserved as the day you purchased the item. Some artists, including myself have now took it one step further by incorporating colorant such as acrylics, alcohol inks, tints, pastes etc into the resin itself prior to curing which allows for the artwork to be created via a pouring method. The ability to use resin in artwork is endless, the most popular being geode, beach, abstract and even space themed artwork. It is such a versatile medium that it can be used to make something as small as jewellery, trays, keychains and much more. Possibilities are endless! 

Things to consider involving resin art.

The Cost:

You may have noticed there are different array of prices when it comes to resin artwork. This is due to the amount of time and materials it takes to make resin art. Resin is not cheap! and most importantly it is not controllable. Once resin is poured onto a surface, it is hard to control and as such may take multiple layers to be poured in order to achieve the desired effect. Not to mention resin usually has anywhere from 30-45 mins of workable time. After that time has been reached, it is out of your hands and 24 hrs have to pass prior to the next pour. So if you're a perfectionist like me, well I think you can kind of get the gist of how long a piece may take! :D But one great aspect about resin artwork is that, no one piece will ever be a 100% alike. You may start off thinking you want a piece to look a certain way, but resin may have its own agenda. Adaptability is key when it comes to working with resin. 

The saying," you get what you pay for" is highly applicable when it comes to resin. There are many types of resin in the market, from high quality to low quality that can affect the resin's longevity and curing process. When it comes to resin artwork, think of it as an investment as you will more than likely have this piece for a lifetime.

The Popularity:

Well seasoned artists also use their popularity and the number of followers to determine pricing. Classic tale of supply and demand!

The Timeframe:

Majority of the resin artist out there are small business owners and they have to take into account the cost involved with marketing, shipping, photography, web design, manpower and much much more. It is usually one or two people wearing multiple hats as opposed to having an army of people or machinery to help with the process.

Everything at Jeodart is handmade, including but not limited to crushing glass for art pieces, creating crystals, sometimes even creating boards the resin will be poured on. They are prepped, sanded, and meticulously checked for bubbles and ripples at every stage and if need be resanded and the project is restarted. Resin products cannot be a 100% bubble or ripple free, as it is a handmade product - remember what I said about me being a perfectionist earlier? ;)

At Jeodart, I only use quality products such as resin that has UV inhibitors (to help with the longevity of the piece) and provide scratch resistant qualities once cured. Once a piece gets its final pour, it is it left to cure for a minimum of one week (if not a month!) prior to shipping in order to ensure that the resin is fully cured. Quality of work is more important than quantity of work at Jeodart as when I put my name/brand behind a product, it has to be something I am proud to stand behind. Mediocre is not an option! My pieces are meant to be out of the ordinary and statement pieces that will attract anyone that enters a room. I want my pieces of art to be something you are proud to display and will be a conversation piece, guaranteed!

If you are curious about how the artwork you have purchased and/or are thinking of purchasing was created, be sure to follow on instagram @jeodart.

Happy Shopping!