Care Instructions


  • Some pieces include real broken glass/crystal pieces and can be very sharp. Please wear appropriate gloves while handling.
  • Epoxy Resin is UV sensitive, appropriate UV blockers are present in the resin but may yellow over time with exposure to sunlight. Keep all pieces out of direct sunlight.
  • Epoxy Resin can be easily scratched and marked. Avoid the use of chemical and abrasive cleaners. Wipe with a soft cloth and water. To remove dust in textured areas, use a microfibre duster or non-residue compressed air.
  • Suspend with appropriate hanging system that will support the weight of your artwork. We recommend hiring a professional to hang your artwork.
  • Furniture pieces are not intended for hot objects. Heat tolerance up to 266 degrees Fahrenheit. Please use a coaster or table mats when placing hot objects on furniture pieces.
  • Use coasters or felt protection when placing heavy, hot or abrasive items onto tables & trays.
  • JēōdArt is not liable for any damage or injury related to the artwork or being handled incorrectly.